Floating around

U know what?


I went for a falafel

like always

– it’s my Berlin diet –

and there were 2 ppl

asking if they could sit

at the same table

and in my head i was no

but i said yes

of course


And then we started talking

about falafel sauce


And then turned out the grl

was a really good photographer

who’s work i actually know

(no god thx for IG)


And then turned out the guy

was also an artist


And it was so nice

talking to them


Like imagine:

u show total strangers ur nude pix

and it’s totally fine!



they’d call the cops for that


Now that’s why i like

‘floating around’

in Berlin


Floating around

is kinda purposeless

but still a lot better

than rotting inside

Photographer: Kai Mueller