WG rant

I’m just so fed up

with living together

with other people


First it was 4

then again 4

then 3

then 6

then i dunno


– when i was living in the housing project

i just went f*cking nuts there –

then again 6

then 6

and now

– since 3 years –

again 6


I’m just so tired of pretending

we’re like a ‘chosen family’

a ‘community’


I only feel it in the sense

that it’s like 6 mums and dads

watching by back


and i’m almost f*cking 30


I just hate their morning


or evening moods

their left scene talk

as if we’re

f*cking teenagers

trying to change

and save the world

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Dating myself

Ever since i was a kid

i’ve been looking for people

to do stuff with


I had so many ideas

and plans

about what to do

in this boring shithole

but didn’t find anybody


I wanted to do things with my sis

but she wasn’t interested

and my cousins

and friends



They weren’t up

for (my) adventures

and creating stuff together

in discovering places

and making art

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Parts of letters 6: the end

“The thing from all things

i can’t deal with

is not being able to talk

about what went wrong

with people

i used to be close with

and love

from the bottom of my heart


It makes me go crazy

when people

just run off


It keeps me busy


and night


It makes this ‘kurzschluss’

in my hart


and body


It makes me write

1000 letters

and more


And that’s why i started the blog

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Parts of letters 5: boulimia

“I have boulimia


It’s stable now

but a big part of my life

it ruined



My mental

and physical health

and social life


I could talk about

where it comes from

how bad it was

and how it affected things


But i won’t

cause it would make this letter

too long

too much about me

and it doesn’t matter anymore anyways

as since a couple of years

– for me –

i’m doing fine

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